becky and clare /// we wasted our lives on one direction /// punk edits are our weakness /// we take requests, as long as we can or want to do them /// message us with any questions or ideas you have /// louis loves you, liam loves you, harry loves you, zayn loves you, niall loves you ♡

just-a-little-moment asked "Your edits are so incredible <3 congratulations! And sorry for my bad english, I am brazilian :)"

aw thanks, your english is fine :)

    sandziq asked "Hey sweetie. So I was searching on Google for punk 1D edits and I saw one of yours and well now I'm glad I found your blog bc it's v perf! Would you mind if I use some of your edits on my IG please? I'll give credit to you :)"


      onedirectionismagic asked "Lol(: i found your edits on Google images and I have to say they are amazing!! i really want to make my own and was hoping you would know any android apps that I could use for punk edits bc Google didn't help much :/ plz & thank you xxx"

      there aren’t any apps i know of

        beautybytana asked "how do you make dose edits? they are awesom!"

        thanks!! i make them on photoshop

          badboysandgoodmusic asked "Where do you get the smoke transparency? X"

          i got them from searching around on google for “smoke brushes”

            Anonymous asked "did you get photoshop cs6 for free? and if so, where did you get it from"

            yeah i did, but the way i did it isn’t available anymore

              guys i see your messages, you don’t have to keep resending them in. I’m currently not taking requests

                Anonymous asked "You all go crazy over lilac Niall but lilac Harry is my ultimate weakness..."

                haahah you like what you like man

                  holy tits i just came on for the first time in months (i apologize i’ve been busy) and we’ve reached 4k like wow what you guys have stayed active even though i havent been online and that/s amazing i love you guys so much thank you


                    Anonymous asked "hey! i love your edits so much! they're legit perfection.... i wanna make ones like yours but with a different vocal artist. could you please tell me the app or how you do them.. or even make a tutorial."

                    ive thought about doing a tutorial before, but never got around to it sooo maybe.. i use photoshop cs6